special education on learning disability and vision

What is the Dream?

Henrietta Spink has all the dreams everyone has for their children. But both her sons were born severely disabled. She has coped with their multiple and profound disabilities, confounded doctors with her refusal to accept every bleak prognosis and achieved acclaimed breakthroughs in the treatment of their impairments. She has also battled for basic help, equipment and a fair deal for their education.

Special educational needs

Henrietta's dream is for special education on learning disability and vision for children with severe disabilites or a functional impairment. Campaigning for a better education through local government for learning disability needs.

Henrietta Spink’s book Henrietta’s Dream, tells the extraordinary tale of a determined campaign to achieve an ordinary life for sons and her family. Her experiences have strengthened her resolve to ease the burdens of isolation, bureaucracy and inadequate help for other parents. Her dream is one of realistic help, appropriate education and the proper application of the law to give all disabled children the chance to join in everyday life and realise their potential. She would like to share this dream with all families disadvantaged, isolated, exhausted and impoverished by the functional impairment of their children. That is the purpose of the Henry Spink Foundation and Henrietta’s Dream.

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