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Do we need portability of care packages?

The Henry Spink Foundation strongly supports the principle of portability of care services and carers assessments.

  • At present, when a service user moves from one local authority area to another, there is no guarantee of continuity of an assessed support package. This makes it extremely difficult for disabled people needing support to move from one area to another. Being able to choose where to live is a right that most people take for granted and is being denied to those with the greatest needs.

  • We believe that a simple framework for portability could be created without the need for primary legislation, allowing for the transfer of care packages, both domiciliary and residential, from one authority to another, as well as carers assessments and support.

  • The introduction of national eligibility criteria would help in the transfer of care packages from one authority to another, but is not immediately essential. Social workers responsible for assessments are trained to a national level already, with qualifications gained before they are employed by local authorities. A de facto national standard applies to assessments already, which is subject to judicial review. A receiving authority should have no difficulty in accepting an assessment properly prepared by another authority.

  • Introduction of portability would save money and time in hard pressed social service departments. The establishment of portability does not need to wait until a root-and-branch overhaul of adult social care has taken place, and should be introduced as quickly as possible.

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The disabled and their carers need portability of care packages.


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