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Welcome to Henrietta’s Dream - part of the Henry Spink Foundation a charity which provides information about disabilities and treatments to those with severe disabilities and functional impairments.

Available Disability Grants

A wealth Information covering civil rights for the disabled, statistics of single parent families with disabled children, and also disability grants for functional impairments and children with severe disabilities.

Statistics of single parent families with disabled children

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Henrietta’s Dream mirrors this work with information on access to education, health, social services and civil rights for the disabled.

Like very many parents of disabled children with severe functional impairments, Henrietta and Michael Spink have battled for years to get basic help, equipment, social support and access to suitable education for their sons. The Spinks have negotiated complex bureaucracy and legal argument to achieve basic rights and services for their children. Read their story here. They have felt isolated but know that many other parents face the same battles for civil rights for the disabled. Henrietta’s book Henrietta’s Dream tells her story and explains her vision of a normal life for her sons.

Henrietta’s Dream has been established to help the severely disabled and their families get a better deal and realise their own dreams for their children. We will:

  • Provide vital information and links to sources of help
  • Gather your experiences and opinions
  • Create a voice for the voiceless and invisible disabled
  • Seek the best care and fair treatment for all

Read Henrietta's Story here

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